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All the jewellery pieces you'll discover here are hand-crafted by me - Mandy Raff. I'm a self-confessed crystal addict and have been working with crystals for many years. I absolutely believe in their incredible healing power, their ability to reaffirm our earth connection and soul purpose, and that they can help us make positive shifts in our life. When I create my one-of-a-kind pieces, I tap into my intuition and crystal knowledge at every stage - from selecting the particular crystals, to forming the design. The gemstones used in my work are chosen according to their particular energies and spiritual properties, as well as their inherent beauty. 

I'm also a passionate sterling silver lover, so hand-forged silver features strongly in my designs. The first piece of jewellery I ever bought for myself was a sterling silver bracelet, and that's when the love affair began. I love the feel of it, the patina it gets with wear, and the way I can shape and form it into jewellery. Sterling silver is also a psychic conductor, so it partners with crystals perfectly.


My jewellery is created in my beach-side studio in northern New South Wales, Australia. The connection to nature I experience in this beautiful environment every day inspires me. Many a jewellery design was formed in my mind while walking on the beaches here. I’m truly blessed to live in such a place and do what makes my heart sing. I literally have a smile on my face from ear to ear and my body buzzes while I’m designing and creating. And I know from the reactions of those who wear my jewellery that this energy is infused into each design. How wonderful is that!


use a range of techniques and design styles, so you’ll see a variety displayed here. Mostly I'm self-taught, and I love to experiment with new materials and concepts. Lately I’ve been creating sculptural pieces using polymer resin that I really enjoying working with. Each item is individually handcrafted, so no two pieces of jewellery are the same. While you may recognise themes and patterns in my range, I regularly introduce new designs and only source gemstones in limited numbers, so there's definitely no mass production going on. Your purchase will be a one-off or part of a limited edition.

I currently sell my jewellery at the Made with Love Markets in Coffs Harbour and online. You can keep up to date with what's new by following me on Facebook or Instagram or joining my mailing list.

I hope my jewellery brings you joy, enriches your soul and perhaps nudges you in the direction of your own dream life…



Product Information

All items are made using natural gemstones, 925 sterling silver, 14ct gold filled, and polymer resin, unless otherwise stated. I hand select the semi-precious stones, inspired by their natural beauty and spiritual properties. Keep in mind that no two natural gemstone beads are the same, so while I select closely matching beads for earrings, there will never be an exact match. That’s the joy of natural! Some of the sterling silver decals, pendants and earrings are completely hand-forged by me and as such there may be some small imperfections present. That’s the joy of handmade! 

All items are photographed in daylight and I've tried to ensure the colours of products displayed are as accurate as possible. However, red and blue tones are extremely difficult to represent exactly. It's also possible that your monitor may affect the appearance of colours shown. As such the product you purchase may differ slightly from the images you see. If you're trying to match a specific colour or need further clarification, please contact me prior to ordering.

Another important note about the photos on this website - most of them are closeups, so please read the measurements listed to ensure you understand the size of the piece. If my hand is in the shot (often lol) this might help with perspective. Closeups also mean you might see some minor details that are not visible to the naked eye at normal size. Most often you'll find the piece is even more beautiful in the flesh than seen here :)

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