This piece is pure fantasy and fun. Imagine a beautiful island surrounded by stunning oceans where mermaids frolic with dolphins, and magic truly happens. Imagine you live on this island in a utopian society where love is the only law. No, it’s not a Disney movie. It’s a dream you can connect to when you need to hush the serious side of life for a while and release your inner child. Open yourself up to some fun and adventure and freedom of expression. Explore the world with the eyes and spirit of a child, unencumbered by adult expectations. Go frolic with those mermaids!


This pendant features tanzanite and larimar with a natural amethyst point. There are also 2 small faceted stones incorporated into the design - aquamarine and amethyst. The stones are set in hand sculpted polymer resin that’s been painted in antique silver and then varnished. The pendant has a sterling silver bale.


The pendant is 7.8cm long x 2.9cm wide x 2cm deep. It comes on a length of grey suede that can be tied or knotted to the desired length. It could be worn on a chain. I think this piece would work best worn long because of its shape.

‘Atlantis Dreaming’