Sometimes messages seem to come to me from nowhere, and in the strangest ways. The name for this crystal bundle came as a song - ‘Can you feel it?’ Yep, the Jacksons’ 1980 hit lol. And it’s the perfect name, because this bundle is all about emotional healing. What feelings are you pushing down, down, down because you don’t want to deal with them? Work with these crystals to gently explore these emotions and start to release them. It’s time.


Labradorite palm stone

Tigers eye palm stone

Amethyst palm stone

Amethyst point

Double terminated clear quartz twin


The crystals have all been individually hand selected by me - originally intended for jewellery pieces, but most I’ve realised are just too big or not the right style for what I want to create anymore. The bundle was intuitively chosen, charged under the super moon, and is fully cleansed - ready to work its magic for you!

‘Can you feel it?’