These stretch bracelets feature gemstones that have been specifically selected and combined according to a certain healing theme. 'Find Balance' is all about bringing harmony into your life. The vibrations of the crystals in this bracelet will help bring your mind/body/spirit back into the balance required for you to live a healthy and happy life.  


The bracelets are made from 8mm beads threaded onto quality stretch cord. Choose the size according to your wrist circumference or how firm/loose you'd like it to feel, remembering that the bracelet stretches to fit over your hand.

Small fits a wrist circumference of 15cm approx.

Medium fits a wrist circumference of 16cm approx.

Large fits a wrist circumference of 17cm approx.


Please note that the photo is indicative only - the bracelet you receive may vary slightly in colour (due to the natural variation in gemstones) and the number of beads (depending on size).

Find Balance