There's lots going on in this chunky moonstone, with its tourmaline inclusions and teeny flashes of blue. This piece is all about stepping out of the shadows and into the light! Embrace all that life has to offer when you're truly in flow with the natural order of things and connect to what really resonates with you on a soul level.


The stone is set in hand sculpted black polymer resin which is strong and lightweight. The back of the stone is uncovered, so it will touch your skin. The pendant is 5.2cm long x 3.1cm wide x 1.8cm deep. It comes on an adjustable 2mm thick black waxed cotton neckband with slip knots (max length 65cm approx). 


As with all jewellery, it is recommended that you treat your purchase with care. It's not suitable to wear while swimming or showering.

Moonstone Pendant

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