Phantom quartz gets its powerful healing vibes from rare and unique formations created from interruptions in their growth. The blockages help create concentrated mineral deposits, which form in distinctive ghost-like shapes within the crystal. Phantom quartz is a master healer that lays bare all the aspects of your life that need addressing and offers insight into how you can resolve these. It's excellent for those who have suffered any kind of trauma, or those working with people who have experienced trauma.


This pendant features a phantom quartz generator set in hand sculpted black polymer resin. The pendant is 5.7cm long x 2.3cm wide x 1.8cm deep and comes on a 100cm length of black suede that can be tied or knotted to the desired length.


As with all jewellery it is recommended that you treat your purchase with care. It is not suitable to wear while swimming or showering.

Phantom Quartz Pendant