The stone does all the talking in this pendant! And just what is it saying, you ask? “You can create the life you want!” Harness the current energies that are shaking things up and bringing clarity. Go deep and think about what you really want in life (not the goals that our society or economy deem appropriate, but what really brings you joy and fulfilment) and then ask for help to get that. Ask for signs and direction and clear your mind so the messages can come through loud and clear. Stay in your truth and know that the power is in your hands. The ruby in zoisite is set in hand sculpted black polymer resin which is strong and lightweight. The back of the stone is uncovered, so it will touch your skin. The pendant is 5.6cm long x 4.3cm wide. It comes on an adjustable 2mm thick black waxed cotton neckband with slip knots (max length 65cm approx). Please note the stone is not a perfectly round shape. As with all jewellery, it is recommended that you treat your purchase with care. It's not suitable to wear while swimming or showering.

Ruby in Zoisite Pendant