This pendant features a nugget of blue tanzanite and a black tourmaline point set in hand-sculpted black polymer resin. The tourmaline has tiny colourful inclusions in it.


The pendant is 6.8cm long x 2.1cm wide. It comes on a black leather cord with sliding knots to adjust the length - max 65cm. If you'd prefer it on a fixed length leather neckband, please just let me know the length required.


I hand-select all the gemstones in my pieces, inspired by their natural beauty and spiritual properties. Tanzanite is a very powerful stone that's connected to the third eye and psychic awareness. Black tourmaline is an excellent stone for protection, providing a psychic shield that deflects negative energies and neutralises negative thoughts. What a great combination that offers psychic protection on all levels.


The polymer resin is strong and lightweight and the pendant bale is reinforced for added protection, however as with all jewellery, it is recommended that you treat your purchase with care. It is not suitable to wear while swimming or showering.

Tanzanite & Tourmaline Pendant

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