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This pendant features a polished oval of turquoise and a natural dark smokey quartz point, set in hand-sculpted black polymer resin. 

The pendant is 7.1cm long x 1.8cm wide. It comes on an adjustable 2mm thick black leather neckband with slip knots (max length 65cm approx). If you'd like a leather band of a set length with a hook closure, please get in touch as this is easily done.

I hand-select all the gemstones in my pieces, inspired by their natural beauty and spiritual properties. Turquoise is a powerful stone of protection. It's blue colour is also related to the throat chakra and aids communication in both the physical and spiritual realms. Smokey quartz is a grounding and protective stone. It's great for easing stress and helping you release anything that no longer serves you. This combo will protect you from energy vampires and help you stay centred so you can stay on your true spritual path.

The polymer resin is strong and lightweight and the pendant bale is reinforced for added protection, however as with all jewellery, it is recommended that you treat your purchase with care. It's not suitable to wear while swimming or showering.

Turquoise & Smokey Quartz Pendant