All items are made using natural gemstones, 925 sterling silver, 14ct gold filled, and polymer resin, unless otherwise stated. I hand select the semi-precious stones, inspired by their natural beauty and spiritual properties. Keep in mind that no two natural gemstone beads are the same, so while I select closely matching beads for earrings, there will never be an exact match. That’s the joy of natural! Some of the sterling silver decals, pendants and earrings are completely hand-forged by me and as such there may be some small imperfections present. That’s the joy of handmade! 

All items are photographed in daylight and I've tried to ensure the colours of products displayed are as accurate as possible. However, red and blue tones are extremely difficult to represent exactly. It's also possible that your monitor may affect the appearance of colours shown. As such the product you purchase may differ slightly from the images you see. If you're trying to match a specific colour or need further clarification, please contact me prior to ordering.

Another important note about the photos on this website - most of them are closeups, so please read the measurements listed to ensure you understand the size of the piece. If my hand is in the shot (often lol) this might help with perspective. Closeups also mean you might see some minor details that are not visible to the naked eye at normal size. Most often you'll find the piece is even more beautiful in the flesh than seen here :)