'Tranquility' is my best seller, because who doesn't want a little tranquility in life! It's easy in our busy world to feel overwhelmed by the hectic pace. Stress and tension build, and under pressure we start to focus on or overreact to things that really aren’t important. Add a calmer vibe and lower your stress response with these soothing crystals.


This bracelet features the following 8mm crystal beads threaded onto quality stretch cord -





Rose Quartz



Select your size according to your wrist circumference or how firm/loose you'd like it to feel, remembering that the bracelet stretches to fit over your hand.


Small fits a wrist circumference of 15cm approx.

Medium fits a wrist circumference of 16cm approx.

Large fits a wrist circumference of 17cm approx.


Please note that the photo is indicative only - the bracelet you receive may vary slightly in colour (due to the natural variation in gemstones) and the number of beads (depending on size).