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These stretch bracelets feature gemstones that have been specifically selected and combined according to a certain healing theme. They are made from 8mm beads and are threaded on quality stretch cord. Sizes available are listed. If you're unsure which size to choose, measure your wrist circumference and email it to me and I'll hopefully have one that suits.


'Go Your Own Way' is all about letting go of the expectations of others and forging your own path in life. Perhaps the values you once shared with family and friends no longer serve you. Know that you can move forward confidently and step into your own power.


Please note that the photo is indicative only - the bracelet you receive may vary slightly in colour (due to the natural variation in gemstones) and the number of beads (depending on size).


Also, due to current worldwide circumstance I'm unable to order more beads, so have limited numbers of these bracelets available until this changes.

Go Your Own Way