These earrings feature beautiful pale pink kunzite on sterling silver hoops. The earrings are 5.5cm total drop x 2.8cm wide.


Kunzite is high vibrational and imparts a soft, gentle energy that is great for the heart chakra. It will encourage you to break down the walls you’ve put up to protect yourself and open yourself up to recognising and receiving love - of all forms. Love is around us all the time, but it may not appear from a knight in shining armour like the romanticised fantasies we are shown in movies. It may come from the friend who is always there with an ear to listen and a hug to give. It may come from a stranger who gives you a beautiful smile that burns into your eyes and lifts your mood. Maybe it’s the cuddles from your fur baby, who seems to appear just when you need some affection. Maybe it’s in a connection with someone at work who always has your back. You are a loving being and you are loved 🤗


All components are 925 sterling silver (high grade recylced).


Kunzite Earrings